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Psych-rock combo Indian Puddin' and Pipe formed in Seattle in 1966--originally dubbed the West Coast Natural Gas, the group initially comprised singer/guitarist Kep, guitarists Chuck Bates and Kris Larson, bassist Dave Burke and drummer Jeff LaBrache. A latter-day lineup minus Kep and Bates and featuring vocalist Pat Craig and guitarist Steve Mack relocated to San Francisco and in late 1967 issued the lone WCNG single, the Matthew Katz-produced "Go Run and Play." Katz--the manager of Moby Grape, It's a Beautiful Day and other luminaries of the San Francisco psych scene--structured his contracts so that different lineups could appear under a given group's name anytime and anywhere he desired; one lineup of Indian Puddin' and Pipe already existed, but Katz nevertheless rechristened West Coast Natural Gas with the name as well, moving Craig to keyboards and recruiting vocalist Lydia Mareno for what is now considered the definitive version of the group. Indian Puddin' and Pipe never recorded a full-length LP, but did produce four excellent tracks for the compilation Fifth Pipe Dream, issued on Katz's San Francisco Sound label in 1968. This incarnation of the group split soon after, with Mareno later resurfacing in Stoneground and Craig and Mack reuniting in Pipe.


Jeff LaBrache ~ Drums 
Kris Larson ~ Guitar 
Dave Burke ~ Bass 
Pat Craig ~ Keyboards, Vocals 
Steve Mack ~ Guitar, Violin, Vocals 
Paul Trousdale ~ Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Vocals 
Steve "Warthog" Jackson ~ Bass, Vocals 
Barry Lewis ~ Drums 
Dennis Lannigan ~ Alto Saxophone, Piano, Vocals 
Rex Larsen ~ Guitar, Vocals 
Rick Quintanal ~ Drums 
David Savage ~ Trumpet 
Jock Ellis ~ Trombone 
Lydia Moreno ~ Vocals 

Indian Puddin' and Pipe circa 1969 in Bolinas, CA.

Band members in the photo  are from left to right  Top - Paul Trousdale (Brave New World), Dennis Lannigan (Sonny & Cher Band, the Turtles, The Ducks), David Savage, Rex Larsen (Sonny & Cher Band, The Turtles), Pat Craig (West Coast Natural Gas), Bottom (with hand on chin) Steve Mack (West Coast Natural Gas), Rick Quintanal (Don Ellis Orchestra) Steve (Warthog) Jackson.

tracks 1-6 from the IPP "lost" Lp
Tracks 7-8 from the sampler San Francisco Sound "Then and Now"
Oddly these two tracks are listed by another artist(IABD) but in reading the musicians roster it is clear that it is IPP

                       01 Morning Delight    
        02 A Penny
               03 Shadowlarks
        04 Mr. Blue
         05 Spirit        
            06 Planetary Road
              07 Aquarian Dream
                                                            08 John                                                                


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