Saturday, August 15, 2015


My first thought was to post the solo Lp by Bruce Stephens entitled Watch That First Step but after thinking about it a little more I felt this guy deserved more than just a solo lp to do him justice. I decided to put together some of Bruce's collected works from the bands he participated with as well as some solo work.  Bruce was a founding member of Mint Tattoo as well as spending time as lead guitarist in Blue Cheer.  He made two solo LP's " Pilot" and the before mentioned"  Step" LP  The "Pilot" Lp is not to be confused with the English band of the same name , Bruce was an excellent song writer and had a great distinctive voice  Bruce passed away in 2012  I always enjoyed his music and like so many in his class He deserved more recognition for his work

Tracks  1-5    as performed with Blue Cheer
           6-7       From the KSAN demo tapes
              8-14      as performed with Mint tattoo
           15-20    as performed on the Pilot Lp
                              21-22    From the Solo Lp Watch That First Step
         23-24    as performed with Shotgun 



kobilica said...

Please post the solo album,and the albums from band PILOT.MINT TATTOO and BLUE CHEER are one of my favorite.About the SHOTGUN I don't know anything.Cheers...

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