Thursday, September 3, 2015


human expression = optical sound
                   love at psychedelic velocity

other side - streetcar
             walking down the road

rear exit - miles beyond

wiliam penn & his pals - swami
                         blow my mind

euphoria - no me tomorrow
           hungry woman

harbinger complex - i think i'm down
                    my dear and kind sir

flying circus - midnight highway
                green eyes green word

vejitables - i still love you
             good things are happening

bethlehem exit - walk me out
                 blues concerning my girl

other half - no doubt about it
             wonderful day

denver overland pony express - nsu

west coast natural gas - water or wine
                         a favor

Before the  haight Ashbury scene exploded in 67 there were literally thousands of garage and psychedelic bands playing up and down the coast > Most disappeared into thin air leaving only a tune or two and some of the best band names ever for us to remember them by   Here's a few!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice collection of rarities. Thank you very much.

Bob W.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great comp ! Thanks again.


john said...

Thanks very much great selection. I always thought Euphoria was an interesting band.

ken49 said...

Wow, does this hit a nerve. Names out of the past when listening to kya or kfrc. Bands playing roller rinks in San Leandro, high schools thru out east bay. These bands weren't played on the radio but concerts were advertised. Thanks so much!

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