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With Coke Escovedo, David Brown, Michael Carabello, Neal Schon and Greg Rolie gone, Santana were a new band in 1972 when they toured the West Coast of America and Canada. Carlos was reportedly sick at heart and depressed. It was during this time that he was turned on to Sri Chinmoy and became a devotee.

His music however remained positive as evidenced by the classic Caravanserai and the collaboration with John McLaughlin on Love, Devotion And Surrender. Santana kept himself busy with new projects but never lost touch with the band and his classic tunes.

By 1972, Carlos Santana was showing signs he didn't want to be just a Latin rocker. His Caravanserai album was still cooking in the studio [finally released Nov 11, 1972]. This would be his most experimental work from the period. The live album with Buddy Miles was released in August and on the horizon was work with John McLaughlin on the underrated Love, Devotion And Surrender album. But the best album of this period remains his lovely Caravanserai with its multiple personalities to be admired with every fresh listen.

Carlos Santana - guitar
Tom Coster - keyboards
Doug Rauch - bass
Michael Shrieve - drums
James Mingo Lewis - congas, percussion
Jose Chepito Areas - timbales, percussion
Richard Kermode - keyboards
Armando Peraza - congas, percussion

Live in Seattle 1972 [no label, 2CD]
Live at Edmundson Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle, October 15, 1972.

Track 101 A-1 Funk/ Every Step Of The Way
Track 102       Samba Pa Ti 
Track 103 Look Up [To See What's Coming Down 
Track 104 Just In Time To See The Sun 
Track 105 Incident At Neshabur 
Track 106 Bambele/ All The Love Of The Universe Theme 
Track 107 Stone Flower 
Track 108 Waiting 
Track 109 Castillos De Arena Pt 1
Track 110 Free Angela 
Track 111 Mantra 
Track 112 Drums 
Track 113 Castillos De Arena Pt 2/ crowd 
Track 114 Earth 
Track 115 Se A Cabo 
Disc II  
         First Encore
Track 201 Savor 
Track 202 Toussaint L'Overture 
  Second Encore
Track 203 Welcome [Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord
Track 204 La Fuente Del Ritmo


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