Saturday, October 24, 2015


01 the undertakers entrance theme - world wrestling
02 the creature from the black lagoon - dave edmunds
03 dr jekyll and mr hyde - who
04 hebbie jeebies = quicksilver messenger service
05 the addams family theme   vic mizzy
06 choke. thirst, die - coven
07 the purple people eater - sheb wooly
08 they're making a monster - copperhead
09 werewolves of london - david lindley
10 the black angel's death song - velvet underground
11 dinner with drac - john zacherle
12 honor the hearse - blue things
13 horsell common and the death ray - jeff wayne
14 attack of the 50ft woman - tubes
15 season of the witch - al kooper
16 my name is death - incredible string band
17 casper the friendly ghost - tv theme
18 hellbound train - savoy brown
19 season of the witch - suck
20 this is halloween - soul eater
21 who are the brain police - mothers of invention
22 feed my frankenstein - alice cooper
23 taste of snakes - jimmy carl black
24 gene and willie conjure the cave demon - gary duncan's quicksilver


Anonymous said...

Bill, you are amazing. You know that was a joke and not a challenge. If you keep this up my Halloween collection may grow to compete with my Christmas music. Thanks for including The Addams Family Theme. By the way, I just learned that The Day of The Dead is celebrated from Oct. 31st until Nov. 3rd.

JavaMan said...

thanks for these halloween goodies. much appreciated.

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