Wednesday, October 28, 2015


As a courtesy and if you are  interested..... The San Francisco Nights series of downloads is about to expire. These links will be deleted in 7 days.. Links that reach 30 days with no activity are removed automatically by Zippyshare, I am not going to repost them after they are gone. The repost process has been temporarily stopped for various reasons and so when a link goes that may be the last time you can get it from 24HR. Thanks for taking the time to visit.


Pierre said...

Many thanks for the 16 vol. S.F Nights set, an absolute gem and slice of music history, still wading through this, will take a while.
Cheers Pierre.

derek said...

I'll second that11

Anonymous said...

a delight !
thanks from France !

Anonymous said...

Yes, many thanks for this. I don't know if the source of some of these was from a radio show celebrating KSAN back in the late 1980's. I remember having some tapes of these back around then, unfortunately, I don't have them anymore. It was quite entertaining. Anyway, thanks once again.

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