Friday, November 13, 2015


The two women and three man combo known as Joy of Cooking
(JOC) traced their beginnings to 1967 in Berkeley, California. JOC
played a kind of generally laid-back folk-rock with various traces of
jazz, country, gospel, blues, Latin and even a little R&B funk. This
critically acclaimed rock band released three solid studio albums for
Capitol Records in the early '70s, and launched the careers of two
greatly respected music women, Terry Garthwaite (b. Berkeley, CA,
July 11, 1938) and Toni Brown (b. Madison, WI, November 16, 1938).
Toni and Terry were the leaders of JOC, as well as pioneers in defining
the role of serious women musicians.

Toni Brown (keyboards/guitar/vocals)
Fritz Kasten (drums)
Ron Wilson ( percussion)
David Garthwaite (bass)
Terry Garthwaite (guitar/vocals)

Pepperland, San Rafael, CA, November 13 or 14

1 tuning/intro
2 Bad Luck Blues
3 First Time, Last Time
4 Pilot
5 If Some God
6 Brownsville/Mockingbird
7 The Last Move
8 Too Late But Not Forgotten
9 Only Time Will Tell Me
10 Hush
11 Laugh, Don't Laugh

Winterland November 13, 1969

12 Too Late But Not Forgotten
13 A Thousand Miles


drogos said...

Always good what we can find on your blog. Many thanks for sharing.
Best regards from France,

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

Wow, cool stuff. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I'll do the same. I am a MASSIVE Joy of Cooking fan. On my blog I have rips I personally did of both Toni Brown solo LPs, plus the Toni-Terri duo LP "The Joy." None have come out on CD.

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