Friday, November 6, 2015


This one comes as a wonderful surprise! A true lost treasure from one of Frisco's ballroom groups.
A big thank you to the original up-loader for giving you and I a chance to hear one of those bands that had no known recordings . There are countless posters out there featuring the band. The most well known being from this very night when Allmen Joy was the opening act for the Doors 

Here are a few notes from the text that came with the file.

If Blue Cheer made cream cheese outta the air, then these guys must have crystallized the heavens on a good night .A  mix of Blue Cheer & Big Brother guitars, Country Joe & The Fish style ethereal moves & organ, & occasional Dead-like feedback & vocal insanity, mixed with 60s garage sounds & a nod to the Chambers Brothers... 60s West Coast manna from the vault.

This recording demands some real volume so hang out the freak flag & hope the neighbors are on vacation. A missing link in the 60s Bay Area music puzzle & undoubtedly one of the finest uploads ever offered so far . Not sure what might crawl out of the cave in the future, but this should shiver some timbers & shake some angel dust outta yr trees. Here's one from the depths of 1967 Haight Ashbury, where & when the love children were playing on the street & dancing in the park with rainbows in their eyes, flowers in their hair & the Allmen Joy filling their ears on many a night. 

 Allmen Joy
1967-12-xx  Denver, Colorado  Family Dog  1601 West Evans Avenue

 Line-up (unconfirmed) ::: Lu "Fist" Stephens - organ, vocals // Roger “Rog” Alan Saunders - lead electric guitar, vocals // Ken Zeidel - rhythm electric guitar, vocals // Dennis "Funky" Parker - electric bass, vocals // Rod Harper - drums.

01-[06:38]  Walk With Me
02-[11:02]. Funky Broadway
03-[09:58]. Funky Broadway (late set, or reprise)
04-[10:55]. You're Gonna Miss Me
05-[06:55]. Need Your Love
06-[07:01]. The// Merry Tripster
07-[06:43]. The Monkey Time
08-[04:22]. 'Freak Out' -> ? (instrumental)...


Bill Martin said...

Does any more exist by this band ?. STUNNING !!!!!!!!, thank you, thank you, thank you, yahooooooooo, Bill

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias por allmen y por Grootna, saludos

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I myself had never expected to see this one and was very surprised. I had searched far and wide for this band and this past week it surfaced. I do not know of any other material but this one proves that you never know

drogos said...

Very big thank you for having found this gem and sharing it. Congratulations also for your blog. This message also to wish you a great year 2014.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

very nice & instructive document !!!
thanx you


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Tracks 2 and 3 are two completely different songs. Track 2 is Funky Broadway, a hit for Wilson Pickett in 1967. Track 3 is On Broadway, a hit for The Drifters in 1963 (and for George Benson in 1978).

Lu said...

Hello all
WOW, I just ran across this and didn’t remember it existed, for you see, I am the original keyboardist from Allmen Joy (Lu “Fist” Stephens. The line up is correct so you can confirm that, I’ll up date you a little here, …..

Lu “Fist” Stephens - organ, vocals,
Still alive and kicking in the Sierra Foothills in California

Roger “Rog” Alan Saunders - lead electric guitar, vocals,
Passed away in 2007 from Heart Attack in San Francisco

Ken Zeidel - rhythm electric guitar, vocals,
UNKNOWN, have searched for him, but I think he fell off the planet

Dennis “Funky” Parker - electric bass, vocals,
Living in Mexico, still playing with a band called HaraganY Compania,

Rod Harper - drums, Still alive and well in the Concord area in California,

And there you have it!


24HOURDEJAVU said...

Lu ....Damn it is nice to hear from one of the band. I appreciate the music you and the band played and waited many years to hear it. Wish I could track down more . maybe you couls share a couple of stories about the band as it were Anyway thank you again and am happy I was able to send the music out to more.

kobilica said...

Many thanks.

Otiselevator said...

What find! I'd only ever seen their name but they're everything you'd hope a sixties group could be.Nice to hear from one of the group members too. If you're still reading Lu there's lots of us who'd love to hear more about the good times and the music you played.

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