Saturday, December 19, 2015


Freelight was a San Francisco based jazz fusion band - formed 1977 - who completed demos early in 1978 and went label hunting. Although they recorded several tracks, they never made it past a solid demo stage. Eventually litigation over the tapes resulted in their demise. The band broke up after a final and triumphant performance at the Troubador in Los Angeles

The band was actually the creation of Pam Tillis (Mel's daughter) John Cipollina was a key member during the band's existence. This was a much different look into John's participation in one of his many band memberships in that his was a supporting player for the group leader Tillis. Still, there are quite a few fine moments where Cipollina was given some freedom to do what he did best.

 Included in the share are  the tracks from the Freelight demo sessions and the live performance from the Troubador 

Track 3 - If the Dream Came True 3:37
Track 9 -9. Freelight 9:50
All other demo recordings are untitled
If you know these titles the info is welcome

The live recording is as follows
Instrumental, Drunken Irish setter, Ruthless thing, Freelight, Band introductions -> Angel in love, Raining in LA, If the dream came true, The truth

Line-up : John Cipollina, Pam Tillis, Jarrett Washington, Curt Olsen, Tim Timmermans, Gary Schwantes


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bill. You know that this fantastic post is very much appreciated. // Lars

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Where do you keep finding these amazing bands/shows!?! Never heard of this outfit although it sounds like not too many others did either. Larry

john said...

As a Cipollina lover I can't wait to hear this rare bit of wax. Thank you very much.

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