Monday, December 21, 2015


Featuring Erma Franklin
San Francisco 1968
Live at the Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA; April 21, 1968. 
Very good to excellent stereo soundboard.

The Electric Flag was an American blues rock soul group, led by guitarist Mike Bloomfield, keyboardist Barry Goldberg and drummer Buddy Miles, and featuring other musicians such as vocalist Nick Gravenites and bassist Harvey Brooks. Bloomfield formed the Electric Flag in 1967, following his stint with the Butterfield Blues Band. The band reached its peak with the 1968 release, A Long Time Comin', a fusion of rock, jazz, and R&B styles that charted well in the Billboard Pop Albums chart. 
Erma Franklin is sister to the well-known Aretha. Erma’s career for Shout! Records resulted in several single releases in 1967 including Big Boss Man and her take of Piece Of My Heart, which Janis Joplin defined as her stomping ground. This recording was made when Erma took the stage at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco for three nights in April from 19 to 21, 1968. Backing her was Mike Bloomfield’s Electric Flag, a blues rock group

Track 01. Uptight (Everything’s Alright) 3:49 
Track 02. Day Tripper 3:13 
Track 03. Driving Wheel 7:45 
Track 04. The Theme 16:12 
Track 05. Goin’ Down Slow 2:24
Track 06. Instrumental Jam 8:36 
(Erma is introduced)
Track 07. Big Boss Man 3:07 )
Track 08. Dr Feelgood (Love is a Serious Business) 5:34
Track 09. Medley 4:04 
Track 10. Piece of My Heart 3:28 
Track 11. Hold On, I’m Comin 7:35 
Track 12. Everyday I Have The Blues 7:09 
Track 13. Killing Floor (cuts out) 5:39  


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