Friday, December 11, 2015


Here you have it! The final volume of the Instra-Mentals presentation.  By now I think everyone knows my favorite number is 24. Omega is the 24th and last letter in the Greek alphabet I think?
Maybe down the road I will fire it up for a few more sets.... who knows ? Maybe your feedback will help with the motivational process. I  will be putting a little extra effort in some theme based instros like the "surf-mentals"' and "space-mentals" posts  Give me your ideas!
I do hope that I was able to touch on some of your favorite instrumentals..and gave you a chance to listen to some you may never have heard before... 

01 fasten seat belt - space
02 pachuco gavotte - frank zappa
03 wheels - string-a-longs
04 funk butt - rhinoceros
05 falcon lake (ash on the floor)- buffalo springfield
06 czardas - nero & the gladiators
07 iron horse - john barry seven
08 cause we've ended as lovers - jeff beck
09 consuelate - blues image
10 gimme three steps - steel guitars
11 cosmo's theme - majic ship
12 the millionaire - billy j kramer & the dakotas 
13 le fire - electric prunes
14 home on the strange - big brother & the holding compant
15 plum nellie (soul dressing) - booker & the mg's
16 perfida - ventures
17 and then there were drums - sandy nelson
18 foot platter - fireballs
19 fifth horseman of the apocalypse - ultimate spinach
20 buffalo stomp (raga )   - buffalo springfield
21 high voltage - johnny & the hurricanes
22 theme from a few dollars more - babe ruth
23 likacowpi - blackstone
24 edward. the mad shirt grinder = quicksilver messenger service


Anonymous said...

Isn't this actually #25? Unless I lost count somewhere Space-Mentals should be #24? But anyway - thanks for all of them!

24HOURDEJAVU said...

If you really are technical this would be #26 but I did not number the Surf and Space volumes I did not number them so I could fudge s little on the series I guess you would say they are "bonus" volumes.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't count anyway...looking through my folder I noticed I missed Hallo-Mentals. So anyway thanks for all the music and hopefully maybe we'll continue to see bonus volumes.

john said...

Ever since Beatnik Fly by Johnny and the Hurricanes I have been an instrumental lover. Then came surf music (God bless Dick Dale) and I was in heaven growing up in Los Angeles. So all i can say is thanks for the music and when you have the time any tunes will be appreciated. Thanks again.

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