Saturday, December 5, 2015


I was reading an article the other day about Lenny Kaye's original Nuggets LP.In the United Kingdom the LP was supposedly  released (originally) with some extra or different  songs. I do not know if this is indeed true but it did get me to thinking about compiling another "lost" version of the classic LP  Let me know what you think!  Same musicians> different tunes. Once again it was fun trying to track down some of these selections

01 get me to the world on time - electric prunes
02 why pick on me - standells
03 cara-lin - strangeloves
04 one track mind - knickerbockers
05 i can't make a friend - vagrants
06 maid of sugar,maid of spice - mouse & the traps
07 i can't keep from crying - blues project
08 i'm gonna make you mine - shadows of knight
09 out of the question - seeds
10 are you a boy or are you a girl - barbarians
11 heart - remains
12 lady fingers - magicians
13 goodbye babe - castaways
14 everbody needs somebody to love - 13th floor elevators
15 they're gonna get you - count five
16 flashback( that rhythm thing) - leaves
17 in the midnight hour - micheal & the messengers
18 ben franklin's almanac - cryan' shames
19 migration - amboy dukes
20 gloria - blues magoos
21 i ain't no miracle worker - chocolate watchband
22 me about you - mojo men
23 the shape of things to come - third rail
24 another time - sagittarius
25 under the ice - nazz
26 get on this plane - premiers
27 let the rain be me - magic mushrooms


snakeboy said...

I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for going to the trouble.

dj billy sunshine said...

i like yours better!

ken49 said...

What a great idea! Does this make a lot of them two hit wonders? Some really really good tunes.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanx to you guys providing some feedback I appreciate it

steve52 said...

Fantastic idea! Love it!

nihil said...

I always appreciate these compilations of yours. Thank you so much !

24HOURDEJAVU said...

THANKS for making this post the most popular that I have put for quite a while. I am always interested in your ideas and feedback on the site and really enjoy sharing the music of my time

Madshoes Carlos said...

Thanks Bill, another excellent compil. Take care and enjoy. :)

heylee said...

Thank you for your work and ear on, "Son Of Nuggets'...nice stuff.

hotrodmike said...

What a great comp. Nice mix of tunes I know with some I didn't. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

john said...

I think your compilation really sums up what it was like to listen to music coming out of the sixties. The video of the Castaways "Liar Liar" does it for me. The variety and the energy of making music and humor is all there. Thank you for the songs. P. S. Maybe you could make a Daughter of Nuggets sometime, since us guys have alot out there already.

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