Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Roy Blumenfeld - drums, vocals
Danny Kalb - lead guitar, vocals
Steve Katz - guitar, harp, bass, tambourine, vocals
Al Kooper - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Andy Kulberg - bass, flute

As a repost this is an untracked show- one complete file.

01. louisiana blues
02. steve's song
03. you go, i'll go with you
04. spoonful
05. violets of dawn>>alberta
06. i can't keep from crying
07. honey bee
08. flute thing
09. wake me, shake me
10. two trains running

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juan manuel muñoz said...

i'm happy with thes two albums of Blues Project, thanks a lot. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these two shows! Haven't gotten to the reunion show yet, but this one must be one of the last with the "original" lineup. There are only a small handful of live Blues Project tapes around. I've been a fan since the 1st album too. I guess Al Kooper doesn't get together with them anymore, as none of these members were at Al's recent 70th B-day concert. Larry

O.B. Dan said...

Untracked live stuff is all right with me. It eliminates those little teeny gaps between tracks, and I'm not one to play individual tracks. I push the "play" button and just listen.

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