Saturday, December 26, 2015


Venus Retrograde

A retrograde planet means it looks like it's going backwards in the sky for a time, although this is physically based on an optical illusion. 

A nice collection of progressive rock tunes from the first major waves of musicians that projected these astral journeys on our open ears. Dragon art imposed on the above image is a Roger Dean creation. Dean's art would blanket so many progressive album covers.

01  emerson. lake and palmer - peter gunn theme
02  captain beyond - distant sun
03  babe ruth - wells fargo
04  gravy train - staircase to the day
05  pavlov's dog - it's all for you
06  octopus - restless night
07  the nice - america
08  barclay james harvest - child of the universe
09  intergalactic touring band - robot salesmen
10  atomic rooster - tomorrow night
11  odin - tribute to frank
12  camel - freefall
13  curved air - back street luv
14  caravan - surprise surprise
15  paladin - give me your hand
16  rare bird - dollars
17  family - burlesque
18  van der graaf generator - my room(waiting for wonderland)
19  budgie - flowers in the attic
20  pink floyd - a pillow of sand
21  t-rex - slider
22  stawbs - shine on silver sun
23  the flock - big bird
24  king crimson - moonchild


juan manuel muñoz said...

brother, you make my night, thanks a lot

snakeboy said...

Enjoying this collection of tunes. Thanks for the effort.

Madshoes Carlos said...

Another excellent compil! Thanx Bill. Take care and enjoy.

zipper said...

Many thanks....great comp. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very nice!

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