Sunday, January 17, 2016


Doug Sahm & Band - Record Plant, Sausalito, California, November 11th 1973, soundboard.

A Doug Sahm classic live show, excellent recording quality,

1. Dealer's Blues
2. I'm Glad For Your Sake (But I'm Sorry For Mine)
3. Coming Back Home
4. Papa Ain't Salty
5. Nuevo Laredo
6. The Rain Came
7. (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone
8. Jolie Blonde
9. Linda Lou
10. At The Crossroads
11. She's About a Mover
12. Lucille
13. Send Me Some Loving
14. Mendocino

Doug Sahm - guitar, vocals
Augie Meyers - keyboards
George Rains - drums
Jack Barber - bass
Martin Fierro - horns


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
What a weird feeling listening to Doug live at Philly last night...what with the low pressure atmosphere in was a mixed pleasure...."turn up the volume"...didn't really enhance the low fi output, but HEY HO LET'S GO, just hearing the drum snare and Augie's fervant fingering...and Doug's voice coming in through an egg box....was really GROOVY even though 'egg box' is how my head felt after the sure was a wonderful experience just hearing Doug and pals live from '69, 'life enhancing'...I would say and thanks for posting this....
Cy at Pck

Anonymous said...

I am crying, this is so fine. This version of "XRds" is too much, way to much to take. Can I ever live a life again? It's all over now, Deja ~ Vu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

LakerCrazy said...

Thanks Bill, appreciate you taking the time to re-do the link. I hope things are good & your feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this recording. There do not seem to be enough live Doug Sahm recordings.

Anonymous said...

Could you PLEASE re-up the link? They're all dead. God Bless Doug!

snakeboy said...

Wonderful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Doug Sahm.

iggy said...

Thank you for this fine Sir Doug share, and for the kind offerings over the years. Happy new one to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up (& everything else!)

Anonymous said...

The links of Doug Sahm and the sir douglas quintet is not good.Please re-links.

367 loser said...

I'm looking for ....
Wanted very much alive
Way back when he was just Doug Sahm
[texas mavericks] who are these masked men
Does anyone have it ?

367 loser said...

many thanks !!

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