Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I have always been a fan of the original music that was created in the first of the psychedelic years of 1965-1968. The original nuggets LP issued in 75 or so was a great sampling of my kind of music. I went on to buy the next wave of nugget LP's that were issued.  Rhino did a great job of finding a vast collection of rare and popular garage\psychedelic music even more with it's box set on cd. However I have taken it a step further here by putting together some more of my favorites. I have intentions of putting a couple more comps as time goes by. Music from MY time as a young man and I believe it to be one of the most creative in musical history. Punk, garage, Psychedelic OH MY!
The photo image is that of Peppy Castro of the Blues Magoos in one of their electric suits

01  Ben Franklin's Almanac - Cryan Shames
02  Girl Of The North Country - Blue Things
03  Orange Skies - Galaxies
04  No Time Like The Right Time - Blues Project
05  Your maw Said You Cried - Turtles
06  Medication - Standells
07  Do You Feel It - Young Rascals
08  Why Is a Carrot More Orange Than An Orange - Amboy Dukes
09  Hey Gyp - Soul Survivors
10  She Comes In Colors - Fever Tree
11  This Sporting Life - Ola And The Janglers
12  The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens - Beacon Street Union
13  Little Games - Yardbirds
14  Shapes Of Things - Allman Joys
15  Mystic Eyes - Them
16  Light Bulb Blues - Shadows Of Knight
17  Rollin' Machine - Seeds
18  A Question Of Temperature - Balloon Farm
19  Everybody Knows You're Not In Love - Electric Prunes
20  I Can Hear The Grass Grow - Move
21  Que Vida! - Love
22  Love Seems Doomed- Blues Magoos
23  Bottom Of The Soul - Music Machine
24  It's All Over Now Baby Blue - Chocolate Watchband


ronnieb said...

Great Set! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I grew up during this era also, and always enjoyed the music from "the road less traveled, alot more innaresting [sic]" as Neil Young once said! I saw the Blues Magoos in their electric suits once when I was in High School & still have a couple of snapshots that I took. Very nice collection, with Mystic Eyes being an old Favorite. Larry

snakeboy said...

Great set. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

john said...

great photo and music. What more could you want. Thank You.


love this compilation! thanks for the vibes!

john said...

You summed up very well the excitement of growing up listening to the new music of the sixties. I can't add anymore to what it was like except it made you glad you had a phonograph. Great posts.

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