Tuesday, January 12, 2016


 I thought it was time to revisit the music deemed as Klassic on the radio station KSHE out of St. Louis. here's some history of "Sweetmeat"

The station mascot is a sunglasses-and-headphones-wearing pig named "Sweetmeat," the likeness of which originally appeared on the cover of Blodwyn Pig's 1969 album 'Ahead Rings Out'.
Like the pig pictured on the LP cover, Sweetmeat first appeared with a joint in his mouth. This "controversial" detail disappeared in the early '80s in favor of an updated, cartoon "rocker" pig. Originally, Sweetmeat was a female. At one point, a contest was held, which allowed listeners to name her children, which there were two of, a male and a female,  Then, sometime in the '80s (More than likely at the same time the "Rocker" pig image was put into place), Sweetmeat suddenly became a male character. In recent years, the station has returned to using the original image, along with the original KSHE-95 text logo.

01 circus - string drivin thing
02 black cloud - trapeze
03 another way out - brave belt
04 if i had arocket launcher - bruce cockburn
05 baby blue - chilliwack
06 get it right on out there - bill quateman
07 easy evil - john kay
08 fly by night - alexis
09 ebony eyes - bob welch
10 should i see - frozen ghost
11 what am i living for - mark almond
12 magnolia - poco
13 post toastee - tommy bolin
14 i can feel the fire - ron wood
15 wizard = uriah heep
16 positive vibrations - ten years after
17 ready freddy = jo jo gunne
18 sign of the gypsy queen = april wine
19 quite like you - nantucket
20 nicole - point blank
21 goin' down the road - painter
22 remember the good times - paice, ashton and lord
23 across the board - kantner,slick and freiburg
24 gypsy queen - gypsy


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