Monday, February 1, 2016


Just a moment to recognize Signe Toly Anderson who passed on the same day as  Paul' For many of us we can actually remember the day this lady fronted the band before the arrival of Grace.  I can vividly remember( as a teenager) going to one of the big department stores in downtown St Louis and picking up the "TakesOff " lp. Signe will always be a part of Jefferson Airplane for me. I feel like so many of the great musicians of my era are leaving us and it does make one feel old. 


Bill said...

You're right--2016 is off to a bad start!

echopk said...

Dude, I am sad too, but don't feel old, just keep moving on and don't look back! Thanks for everything. I am medicating with some Blue Dream buds (highly recommended)I visit you site every day. I'll have a toke for you and Paul and Signe and Bowie and Buffin!

drogos said...

What a sad times. I also like the Takes Off album. I hope she had a beautiful life.
Repose en Paix Signe from a french fan.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear of all of these wonderful musicians passing so close together[even on the same day!]. But we always have their recorded art to remind us of why we miss them all. The Big O has posted the only known live recordings of JA with Signe and Skip Spence before he left to form Moby Grape. Larry

nihil said...

The first JA album I listened to was Sureealistic Pillow, and only after did I find there was a previously recorded "Takes off" with another lead singer. At that time I did not make any big difference between Signe's and Grace's singing. Maybe you knlow, Bill,what Signe did after that ?
Greetings to Robert "Drogos", from another Frenchman !

drogos said...

Thanks to nihil. Ou vis tu, moi dans l'Ouest en Vendée.

Unknown said...

Peace to you Signe, you will always be a heroine of mine for your lovely voice & even more beautiful self.

nihil said...

Salut Drogos,

Je vis en Moselle près de Thionville. Bonne journée. :-)

ChrisCl said...

RIP Ms. Anderson.... Christ they do fall down this year do they... Still not over the passing of Lemmy and Philthy... First year in ages without a Motörhead gig, it's feels... weird. Thanks for all you do, always a pleasure visiting your blog (from Belgium) - Cheers.

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