Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Have not done any posts lately. Been under the weather. Found a few nuggets about your health and various conditions. As I feel better maybe I can get back in the blog. 

01 just dropped in - first edition
02 breath - pink floyd
03 i get out of breath - turtles
04 nervous - ian whitcomb
05 rockin' pneumonia and the boogie flu - johnny rivers
06 blisters - lee oskar
07 i'd rather be blind - christine perfect
08 manic depression - jimi hendrix experience
09 i'm going blind - redeye
10 high blood pressure - shadows of knight
11 bloodshot eyes - bees make honey
12 why does it hurt when i pee - frank zappa
13 penicillin penny - dr hook @the medicine band
14 take up thy stethoscope and walk - pink floyd
15 fever - mccoys
16 medical love song - monty python
17 black lung heartache - joe bonamassa
18 compound fracture - my morning jacket
19 tokin' chokin' - cactus
20 19th nervous breakdown - standells
21 down with disease - phish
22 heart attack - blues magoos
23 98.6 - keith
24 feelin' alright - grand funk railroad


Anonymous said...

yay, yay, yay! And you do have consistently excellent mixes...true fact (best kind)

larry said...

Ying and Yang. Hope you´re taking care of yourself. Look forward to your recovery. This blog is special to me; not many places I see the things you post. So your absence was certainly noticed.

nihil said...

Glad that you are back, was wondering....
Best wishes !

Anonymous said...

Get well!


Unknown said...

Much wishes that you are Feeling So Much Better Now. Take some Medicated Goo and take care.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get well, soon. Prayers from Lakeville, Mass. jimg

Carlos said...

Hi Bill, hope you are taking care of yourself! Wish you a quick recovery!

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