Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I can think of no one better to serve up  for the "No Commercial Potential" holiday of Valentine's Day. Frank gives us some of his doo wop roots and influence here with the Mother's. Enjoy your Holiday Guys and Girls! Put this one on to candlelight as you woo your ladies(or gents) after spending exuberant amounts of cash to get to that point

Revisiting Zappa and the Mothers for a shot at Valentines Day. I added a few extra songs to reach my usual standard of 24  I tryed  to stay in the doo wop mode but when your dealing with Zappa anything
go's This is a repost from a couple of years back

01 cheap thrills

02   wowie zowie

03   how could i be such a fool

04   go cry on somebody else's shoulder

05   i'm not satisfied

06   wplj

07   anything

08   love of my life

09   valarie

10   fountain of love

11   oh no

12   electric aunt jemima

13   stuff up the cracks

14   you didn't try to call me

15   any way the wind blows

16   how could i be such a fool

17   hey nelda

18   deseri

19   dog breath

20   cruising for burgers

21   later that nite

22   another cheap aroma

23   jellyroll gumdrop 

24   directly from my heart to you



john said...

you're no fool no siree you're gonna live to be 103. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Great selections.......
Eddie Are You Kidding?

Complete No Hoper said...


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