Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CHEER 1990

Hard-rock and heavy-metal were born in 1968 thanks to the efforts of a trio who relocated to San Francisco. In that year Blue Cheer released two albums with a terrifying sound that staked it all on deafening amplification of the guitar riffs of Leigh Stephens and the bass riffs Dickie Peterson. The group belonged to the psychedelic platoon ("blue cheer" was a name for LSD) and played out its acid trip with a vengeance. Their atomic version of Summertime Blues (1968) by Eddie Cochran, followed by the anthem Out Of Focus (1968), made them famous.


Anonymous said...

Great Stuff You Always Present US TNX

Carlos said...

Thanks Bill! Take care and enjoy! :)

Timmy said...

Garbage. I can't detect any resemblance to Blue Cheer, of the 60's. They were one of the best groups of their time period. But THIS -- THIS is not good. I am really discouraged & shall now contemplate suicide.

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