Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Blue Cheer seemed to be a thing of the past after the last LP However someone forgot to tell Dickie Peterson. He moved himself off to Germany for many years and continued the every day life of touring and playing. Around 1980 an lp was cut that never got a release. I picked it up from a site that is now gone. I have very little information on the music.There are some redone older Cheer standards and a couple of blues type tunes. The previous posting stated it was Dickie with Paul and an unknown guitarist. I do not know but the lp is obvious that there was more to be heard from Dickie's Cheer Now you can turn your volume up on the music system because from this point things are going up in decibel level


warlock said...

Just like McDonalds, I'm lovin, it!

Hans Hund said...

Huddinge Hill Blog Delated!!!

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