Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A last ditch effort by the band as they disappear as we know them. This LP has two great cuts and after that nothing to save it(OMO). The Dickie tune Heart Full Of Soul is very good as He tries his best to stay alive, The cut I'm The Light is one that KSHE radio in St. Louis Played the Hell out of and they deem it as one of their Klassic tunes. I think it's pretty good and breathes a final puff into the last LP. I guess they for pleasantly hoping for a miracle.


Jstoned1 said...

This is one of my favorites! Some great tracks , especially - Hiway Man, I'm the light etc..- Nice variety of songs & they really give it their all. I guess a last attempt to reclaim old (?) glory in a much mellower direction , cool laid back west coast sound. A classic! THANKS for the great week!
Any live shows or outtakes would be nice ? .
Thank You & Keep up the excellent work!
Peace- Brother!

Anonymous said...

Tito-Is 'A Pleasant Hope' available to be downloaded? I've tried but can not find a viable link to it. I've never heard, nor even seen, this album before.

24HourDejaVu said...

link has been restored

Anonymous said...

dude man, oh pleasant hope where are we gonna get our dope? I love this record maybe you should respin it

Anonymous said...

Almost Southern rock-like, definitely The Band-influenced (the title track is basically a weedgrower's cross-pollination of "The Weight"). And correct, "I'm the Light" is a killer track. I for one would not have been displeased if Blue Cheer had continued recording along these lines.

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