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The Loading Zone was one of the first Bay Area bands to incorporate a horn section into the emerging psychedelic sound emanating out of San Francisco. Formed in Oakland in 1967 by keyboard player and vocalist, Paul Fauerso, the Loading Zone opened many a show at the Fillmore, supporting acts like Cream, Big Brother & The Holding Company, the Grateful Dead, and many others. From the Berkeley psychedelic-rock band, the Marbles, Fauerso recruited both guitarists, Pete Shapiro and Steve Dowler. The rhythm section of Bob Kridle and George Newcom held down the bottom end, forming the core group. Though rooted in R&B, the group also veered off into psychedelia, rock, jazz, and electric blues initially. Adding horns to the mix, they paved the way for bands like Tower Of Power. In early 1968, Fauerso placed an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle seeking a new lead vocalist, resulting in Linda Tillery joining the band just prior to them signing with RCA Records. Tillery was the key ingredient; a charismatic singer who became the focal point on stage and her powerful voice provided much of the band's identity.
However, the group's self-titled album failed to capture the onstage excitement, receiving poor reviews and the group was soon dropped from the label. They did soldier on to record another album, but after internal problems and the failure to gain support of radio, the band broke up in 1969. Fauerso and Tillery revived the group with new members in 1970 before breaking it up for good less than a year later. Shortly afterwards, Tillery began pursuing her own path, releasing her solo debut album, Sweet Linda Divine, on CBS in 1970 to enthusiastic reviews and high praise, becoming a prominent musical figure on her own throughout the next several decades Bio from Wolfgangs



  • No More Tears (Fauerso / Shapiro)
  • Love Feels Like Fire (Dozier / Holland / Holland)
  • Don't Lose Control (Of Your Soul) (Fauerso)
  • I Can't Please You (Robbins)
  • Shop Around (Gordy Jr. / Robinson)
  • The Bells (Ward)
  • Kalui Yuga-Loo (Fauerso)
  • God Bless the Child (Herzog / Holiday)
  • Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead (Hunter / Paul / Stevenson)
  • Can I Dedicate (Fauerso)

  • Linda Tillery - vocals
  • Paul Fauerso - organ, piano, vocals
  • Peter Shapiro - lead guitar
  • Steve Dowler - rhythm guitar
  • Bob Kridle - bass
  • George Newcom - drums
  • Todd Anderson - tenor saxophone
  • Pat O'Hara - trombone

  • Frank Davis - drums (on Can I Dedicate)


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