Thursday, September 24, 2009


. Gold was a rock band From San Francisco. Their 45 was part-produced by Country Joe McDonald in late 1969 at Leo De Gar Kulka’s Golden State Recorders, whose legacy has been explored by Big Beat in the Nuggets From The Golden State series. No Parking and a previously unreleased effort I Saw You can be found on the Big Beat’s What A Way To Come Down (CD) comp. The band also recorded an album, which remained unreleased until Rockadelic came to the rescue in 1995. Side one is best: No Parking and Righteous Road are high energy rock; Conquistadore has some Santana-influenced percussion and Summer Dresses is essentially hippie-pop; but the stand-out track is the laid back High On Love, which has some lovely melodic guitar. Side two is less impressionable.

The band were managed by Ron Cabral along with his brother Dennis from 1968 to 1973. They broke up after playing San Francisco shows at both the Fillmore and Winterland with groups such as: Big Brother and the Holding Company, Hot Tuna, Ten Years After, Malo, and Mike Bloomfield. They also recorded and appeared with Country Joe McDonald.

01. No parking
02. High on love
03. Righteous road
04. Conquistadores
05. Heavy
06. When I saw you
07. PSB
08. Filet of soul
09. Summertime
Live at the Fillmore:
10. When I saw you (live)
11. Filet of soul (live)
12. Colores (live)
13. PSB (live)
14. Conquistadores (live)
15. No parking (live)
16. Fried neck bones (live)
17. Heavy (live)

The original line-up of Gold was;
  • Richard Coco - vocals
  • Joseph Bajza - guitar
  • Edward Scott - guitar
  • Joe (Chico) Moncada - bass
  • Louie Gorsau - drums
  • Percy Nicholson - percussion*


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