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Late 60’s acid, plenty of fuzz guitar, trippy studio effects, female vocals. The album is essentially crossover between the psychedelic and progressive era with hints of a darker side not yet seen in the hippie movement.
This San Francisco-based group comprised Rory Butcher (vocals/percussion), Greg Young (lead guitar), Karyl Boddy (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Roluf Stuart (saxophone/flute), Christopher Johnson (bass) and Ron Brunecker (drums). Their albums revealed a penchant for improvisation and although somewhat ill-focused, offered moments of inspiration, particularly Overdub, which contained the extended "Evil People". Womb disintegrated during the early 70s with late-period member Boots Hughston (saxophone/flute) later joining the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils.
Not everything that come out of the SF scene was to be taken as worth hearing. Included here are both LP's made by Womb. While searching the net I found this article that was pretty humorous about this band having made the worst song ever. here's the link to read about it remember it is one man's opinion .I can think of a million other songs that are worse.
We will just say that this band had it's own style and were a bit different

Womb 1st LP


  • Conceptions of Reality II
  • Mary Miles Ryan?
  • Morning Rises Early
  • Peace
  • My Baby Thinks About the Good Things
  • Hang On
  • Happy Egotist
Womb\Overdub 2nd LP


  • Taking a Long Walk
  • Flush
  • Two Levels
  • Love
  • Flying High
  • Evil People


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