Tuesday, December 29, 2009


After producing the Grootna LP Marty now moves to form a new vehicle that will include himself in the performing spotlight. This will be his first LP that he does since the JA Volunteers LP. He takes key members fron the Grootna band and forms Bodacious DF. This effort will last only one Lp as Marty moves back to the Jefferson Starship and in doing so does take a few of these tunes with him that the Starship does play a few times.
This Lp could also have been a Grunt LP in it's feel and production style. Seems as Marty never put himself far away from his former band JA .Bodacious D.F. was Mark Ryan (bass, vocals), Dewey Dagreaze (drums, vocals), Vic Smith (guitar, vocals), and Charlie Hickox (keyboards, vocals)and of course Marty Balin.Plus judging by the LP cover a cast of many others


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