Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hot Tuna at their most perfect incarnation. (OMO) The first Tuna release on the Grunt Label was 1972's "Burgers" . A critical, commercial, and musical success on all 3 points. The line up is at it's finest with the Jack and Jorma duo bringing in the violin of Papa John and drummer Sammy Piazza. They are Electric( even the acoustic sounds electric) My personal favorite LP by the Tuna The a-fore mentioned Richmond Tallbot makes an appearance on slide guitar and David Crosby and Nikki Buck add a little spice to the recipe And what a perfect recipe it is!. What's that smell like fish o'baby? I really would like to know!


Anonymous said...

I am loving all of the Grunt releases, thank you. Are there any live Hot Tuna shows from this era?

Anonymous said...

This is theeeee Hot pal Charlie went ape when I gave him a copy of this....he recalled listening to the original at the side of a Scottish Loch as the sun was setting over some idyllic Scottish mountains....
I have no such 'happy' moment to share other than saying that Hot Tuna rocks!

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