Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I call this one" Lost Flights" This is a comp of various tracks from different periods in the "life" of the Butterfly. Tracks 1-7 are from Doug Ingles studio sessions with members of IB and friends. #8 is a version of their classic hit done by IB with Mike Pinera on guitars and vocals. the last three cuts are from Erik Braun's last studio sessions. Hence the moniker of IB Incarnations.Info on tracks 9-12 is as follows..
"Possession" b/w "Evil Temptation" is a rare single recorded by Iron Butterfly between 1967-1968, but wasn't released until 1970 for unknown reasons. The first side is "Possession", which is the same version from their previous single, "Don't Look Down on Me". On the flip side of the single is "Evil Temptation", a jam instrumental and a nice piece with a mostly guitar, drum, and bass style jam, but with notable keyboards in the background. Lineup on Evil Temptation is mostly unknown with only Erik Braunn being confirmed as guitarist and Doug Ingle and Ron Bushy being excluded from this recording.
"Silly Sally" / "Stone Believer" is a single by Iron Butterfly that was released in 1971 after the departure of Doug Ingle. Mike Pinera and M. Jones wrote "Silly Sally" in an attempt to keep the band together. Another single was released with "Silly Sally" and "Butterfly Bleu" (voice box solo). The single attracted no attention and in 1971 Iron Butterfly disbanded.
"Don't Look Down On Me" b/w "Possession" is a rare single recorded by Iron Butterfly between late 1967 and early 1968. The lineup on Side A actually consisted of the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida lineup plus Darryl DeLoach from the Heavy lineup, while Side B consists of the Heavy era lineup.
"Don't Look Down On Me" is a somewhat heavy song with an organ opening. It is sung lead by Darryl DeLoach with Doug Ingle on keyboards and background vocals. It eventually leads into a guitar solo by Erik Braunn. "Possession", which is on the flipside, is alternate version than was released on Iron Butterfly's first album Heavy and available on future releases. It is heavier in both the guitar and organ instrumentation than on future versions. It is most likely an earlier recording or an outtake.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving seems to have got your festive and creative juices flowing.
Thanks for this comp....so like getting a friend's cassette from years back.
Bill, the art work of yours is first rate and as I said before I love the little 'Pranksterish' touches ala the sun glasses on the painting....it sure contemporizes an iconic picture.
It's good to see Jerry still psyche-flashing on his own (whereas in your old blog the whole screen use to flash and cos my pc to flee to the hills).
Looking forward to the listen and hope that Gadda Da Vida does not give me too many Manhunt nightmares.
Thanks for all you do?
Cy from Pck.

Jonman said...

A little more info about tracks 9-12 please. Were these Atco singles, or were they released on a smaller label? Track 11 is labeled 1971 for some reason and it has some bad digi-noise. Sounds like a re-rip of something that was originally burned at a lower bit-rate.

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