Tuesday, December 1, 2009



* Maria D'Amato (Maria Muldaur)- vocals
* Frank Goodkin - banjo
* David Grisman - mandolin
* Stefan Grossman - guitar, banjo, vocals
* Bob Gurland - trumpet, vocals
* Peggy Haines - jug
* Pete Jacobson - guitar, banjo, vocals
* Steve Katz - washboard, vocals
* Danny Lauffer - jug
* Joshua Rifkin - piano, kazoo, vocals
* John Benton (John Sebastian) - harp, kazoo
* Peter Siegel - banjo, guitar, vocals


Anonymous said...

Never too much Jug Band.......What a line up on this underrated album, Muldaur, Grisman, Grossman et al, each of the players have contributed so much to various 'Americana' projects. I already have this on cd and can recommend it, even though some of it comes over as a 'tad' cosy.
I recall seeing Stefan Grossman at a small college gig (ah those Live at College years.....) just around the time of seeing Ziggy Stardust. Back THEN David Bowie won hands down, NOW.....I find Ziggy tiresome and anything that Stefan has done quite 'stellar' if you know what I mean?
Cy from Pck.

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