Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Zero was founded by Steve Kimock and Greg Anton in 1980 in Marin County. Their music being a mixture of jazz, rock and blues - free flowing. Soon they were joined by other Bay Area musicians from the psychedelic caravan, sharing the same spirit: John Cipollina.John Kahn, Banana, Martin Fierro, Bobby Vega, John Farey and Steve Wolf.

it's not the vocals that define Zero's music - it's never ending instrumentals - a mental journey if you will. Never chaos though - a well organised trip of musicans who know how to blend their own ways of playing into one way. All being equal and sharing a high quality approach when it comes to recording and playing live - a common goal. The Zero Point!

Due to this high quality their first two albums, "Here Goes Nothin'" and "Nothin' Goes Here" were even (re-)released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (Original Master Recordings). Simply because the company's high quality approach and Zero's musical output matched. Nevertheless the albums disappeared way to early from the MFSL catalogue and thus became rare collector items.

John Cipollina was a constant member of Zero until his death in 1989. His rhythm guitar playing can be heard on the first three Zero albums. Steve Kimock has always been the lead guitar player and although he is so talented, he is following Cipollina in not getting the recognition he deserves. Another unsung guitar hero. Even Jerry Garcia mentioned Kimock as one of his favorite guitar players, subsequently Zero always had many fans from the Deadhead scene.


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