Monday, January 11, 2010


The original LP cover. The LP was pressed on white vinyl The LP had 9 tracks while the CD version added two

The corrected file .....OOPs


juan manuel muñoz said...

auténticas joyas, muchas gracias

really great jewels, thanks a lot.

juan manuel

lajso said...

Please, check track 10 "Hot Rods And Cool Woman". This track is not whole...Time of this track is 3:33, but in your rip that track is 2.15...Cheers!

Eric said...

Hy Bill, I have the Big Beat version on vinyl,but mine is reg. black vinyl.

lajso said...

Track 10 is not whole...Check it...

24HourDejaVu said...


My copy is a German import on Line Records
The white vinyl looks great


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