Thursday, August 23, 2012


2001 Gave us the return of one of America's best and original psychedelic bands. After 30 years away the original band came back together to record what they deemed as their THIRD lp. The one they never made .The live LP from Europe was released after their original demise and it has been said to be one of the best live psyche LP's ever recorded. This one dismisses "those " records that came after "Underground" This one rewrites history and gives us a clean listen to the real band. The David Axelrod "religious overtone" group is dismissed. The "New Improved" Electric Prunes are dismissed( they did not even one original member in their ranks) This is the Real Deal .
Since this one was recorded they have made several more great recordings and you should go to their official web site and check them out. They are great. This one is currently out of print and You deserve to hear one of the greatest comebacks in Psychedelic music, Crank these up because they really are Psychedelic at it's best


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Just found your site and it looks like I'll be a regular. Great site Great music

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