Thursday, August 23, 2012


Black Light Flashing Thoughts Distinctiveness Aggressiveness Explosiveness Possessiveness Colored Lights
Five Multi-Faceted Weirdly Connected Ten Legs Twelve Arms One Eye One Mind One Direction
Prunes, Pits. Stems Shocking Electric!
How's That For Psychedelic?


smokin' bob said...

It always amuses me when people say that a recording was good for the time (usually mid/late 60's). This album proves, as do a lot of jazz/blues recordings from the same time, that quality is simply down to the skill of the engineers. This is one of the best live recordings EVER. I've got this but with a different cover. Get out there and buy it folks, you won't be disappointed.

mbrindell said...

This is a great recording, but without all the studio overdubs and trickery of Prunes studio LPs. The original Prunes that is. David Axelrod took the band and replaced members to record his music. The first two albums are great. Psych at it's best. The only psych group I know of that used an autoharp.

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