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n 1975, original members Greg Elmore, Gary Duncan, Dave Freiberg, John Cipollina, and Dino Valenti reunited for a reunion album, Solid Silver featuring cameo performances by Nicky Hopkins on a couple of the tunes. Various San Francisco area musicians including Jefferson Starship's, Pete Sears, contributed to the album. The Lp did not provide the results the band had hoped for and that last incarnation of QMS came to and end. I personally enjoy that LP and believe it provides several great songs from the band Provided here is a post of one of the rehearsal sessions for that time frame.
Since Solid Silver, Gary Duncan has assembled various different lineups performing as Quicksilver Messenger Service and is still still performing today.

S.I.R., JUNE 1975

Disc 1

1. The Letter Take 1 1:31
2. The Letter Take 2 5:23
3. Stranger in a Strange Land Take 1 2:30
4. Stranger in a Strange Land Take 2 1:53
5. I Hear You Singing Take 1 5:11
6. I Hear You Singing Take 2 4:43
7. Heebie Jeebies 5:29
8. Bittersweet Love (cut) 4:15
9. Gypsy Light (fades in) 3:01
10. They Don't Know 3:48
11. City of Stone 8:25
12. P.A. Lecture Dino 0:54
13. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 6:40
14. Freeway Song Take 1 2:25
15. Freeway Song Take 2 (fades out) 4:41

Disc 2

1. Untitled 5:59
2. The End of the World 7:39
3. Bittersweet Love Take 1 5:47
4. Bittersweet Love Take 2 10:13
5. Bittersweet Love Take 3 6:24
6. Bittersweet Love Take 4 2:17
7. Bittersweet Love Take 5 5:16
8. Gypsy Light 5:54
9. Heebie Jeebies 5:57
10. City of Stone (aka Lady of the Night) 9:42
11. I'm A Believer (fragments) 1:47

Disc 3

1. I Want To Fly
2. Highway Song
3. City Of Stone
4. If Its Alright
5. Share Babe
6. Play My Guitar
7. I Heard You Singing (Instrumental)
8. Nobody's Business
9. I Wonder Where You Are
10. Unvicious Circle
11. I Wonder Where You Are 2
12. Gypsy Lights
13. Jam (w/Kathi McDonald)
14. Jam

With Andy Kirby, Drums on Highway


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I tried clicking on everything. Could you tell me where the link is PLEASE???

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! So glad you're back. You just can't find music like this in very many other places. First time I find you again, and here's this great set of Quicksilver rehearsals. I've had the single disc version, but have never seen this 3-disc set. This is why I always enjoy coming back to your blog over & over again!

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Could you revive the Garcia-Saunders @Keystone? When I treied to download it, it said it had been taken down.

Anonymous said...

oh MAN am i loving this!
in my 'old age' hearing outtakes and rehearsals of songs i've heard 1000s of times is probably my favorite new musical pasttime and THIS is just FULL of moments to absolutely treasure, hearing cipollina and duncan (AND valente) work and improvise their way through to a finished product.
absolutely wonderful. and i haven't even finished disc one yet!
thanks SO much!


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