Thursday, December 23, 2010


Surely, one of the highlights of their '75 "Solid Silver" tour was the show given on December 28, 1975 in the Winterland arena. QMS went on stage with John Cipollina, Gary Duncan, Greg Elmore, Michael Lewis, Skip Olson and Dino Valenti. On this audience recording they sound relaxed and not at all like being on the edge of splitting once again. I like the way they boogy the "Worryin Shoes", the drive Greg produced on several tracks, the magic John and Gary developed throughout the show and the smoothness Dino applied to "Baby, Baby", "Cowboy on the run" and "What about me". Michael and Skip added a lot of power to the groups stunning performance that special evening.Comments from the JC discography page.
Disc 1
2.Intro > Fresh Air6:31
5.Gypsy Lights3:47
6.Heebie Jeebie4:43
7.Cowboy On The Run4:37
8.Bittersweet Love4:45
9.They Don't Know4:53
Disc 2
1.Play My Guitar4:40
2.(fade in) Worryin' Shoes9:29
3.What About Me8:56
4.Freeway Flyer20:55


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I agree, a real nice loose relaxed, reunion show. Too bad they couldn't keep it going for a few more years. Living on the East Coast I didn't get many chances to see them live, since they rarely came out here, so I really enjoy hearing these shows.

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