Friday, December 24, 2010


Quicksilver Messenger Service
1/31/76 late show partial
My Father's Place,
Old Roslyn, NY

one disc:

d1t01 - Fresh Air
d1t02 - Doctor Feelgood
d1t03 - Baby Baby
d1t04 - Cowboy On The Run
d1t05 - Bittersweet Love
d1t06 - The Hat
d1t07 - They Don't Know
d1t08 - What About Me


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've never heard about this one. Nice surprise, from the bands later years. Merry Christmas!

Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

A real surprise, on this show they sound (to my ears at least) even fresher and much more relaxed than in 1971. By the way, track 3 isn't "The Truth", but "Baby, Baby". :-)

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