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In mid 1974 Ruby needed to put together her own band to support her on the road. She and her manager approach members of a local Memphis band( Target) while in town. Members drummer Joel Williams and keyboard player Marius Peczner are recruited into Starr's backing band. She added guitarists Ronnie Mason and Gary Levin with bassist David Mayo. This band became Ruby Starr and Grey Ghost The grey ghost in question being a reference to Confederate Civil war hero General Mosby.After some short rehearsal time touring ensued as support to BOA, Mountain and Heartsfield.
As 1975 dawned the band gained a major label deal with Capitol Records immediately after a television appearance on the 'Midnight Special' show. The band recorded their debut album at the legendary Muscle Shoals studios produced by former Hombres bassist Jerry Masters with later sessions taking place in Memphis. Throughout 1975 the band was rarely off the road opening frequently for major rock acts.
This is the first LP for Ruby. As the album was released it entered the Billboard charts at number 172. Much in demand Starr and her cohorts were straight back on the road playing major venues across the country
This LP is the first of three releases on the Capitol label for Ruby and her associated musicians. Many believe this to be her best LP overall. It is more than likely that these three LP's represent Ruby in her finest moments and Grey Ghost was undoubtedly her tightest and most talented band.

Grey Ghost 1975

1. Burnin' Whiskey
2. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet
3. Witchin'Hour
4. Did It Again
5. Everything Comes And Goes
6. Long Wait
7. You Need A Chain
8. Fork In The Road
9. Living Proof
The 1974 promo poster for the Grey Ghost Tour.Concert Poster from Armadillo World Headquarters featuring Ruby with Bob Seeger in Dec of 75


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