Sunday, January 23, 2011


I thought I would call this one by the Jim Dandy reference because we do have to acknowledge the fact that Jim Mangrum did bring Ruby Jones to the fore front of rock and roll by asking her to join his band Black Oak Arkansas as a back up vocalist. And so Ruby Starr is born. I mentioned on the last post that rock and roll was like playing poker. I think Ruby should have held her own in this decision because from day one her stage presence outclassed BOA and it was not long before Ruby moved to a solo career. Her relationship with BOA was a good one I am assuming because of the input they had on her career whether it was good or bad. making her first solo LP for Capitol Records while still filling the bill as a backup singer for BOA
You just gotta love the 70's and how it was back then. You still have to remember that it was Ruby herself that made her career decisions.

These tracks are from a live BOA concert in 76 and they show the talents that Ruby had and to some degree her allegiance to BOA. Three of the four songs are from her then current Capitol LP..Scene Stealer

1. Jim Dandy
2. Fist Full
3. Maybe I'm Amazed
4. Love On IceA promotional poster for the BOA tour of 76 Ruby is billed as the opening act. Things would change for Ruby during this time frame. The poster shows the promo spot for Ruby's second Capitol LP....... What happened to the first?


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