Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Let's start the March Deadness month with some early ones from back in the days of 710 Ashbury when the Dead were frequent players at the Avalon Ballroom. These first two selections come from about the same time period. MGM records has gained rights to some of the shows played at the Avalon and released two LP'S on their Sunflower label by the Grateful Dead. For many years they were thought to be bootlegs however they were legit but the band had no input in their release. They are long out of print. The two LP'S "Vintage Dead" and "Historic Dead" were released in the very early 70's but the music stems from around 66-67 at the Avalon. Both of these releases are pretty much centered around Pigpen and his blues based material which is really were the Dead began their live performances. Their are several songs that would become mainstays in the Dead's rotation for many years. The jam sessions are outstanding on early Dead.

Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, ~9/16/66

Side 1:
1 I Know You Rider 4:25 Traditional
2 It Hurts Me Too 4:17 Whitaker / James
3 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:50 Bob Dylan
4 Dancin' in the Streets 7:55 Stevenson / Gaye / Hunter

Side 2:
1 In the Midnight Hour 18:23 Pickett / Cropper

1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 11:07
2. Lindy 2:57
3. Stealin' 3:04
4. The Same Thing 12:03

Personnel on both LPS

Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - rhythm guitar
Phil Lesh - bass
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - organ, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums


24HRDEJAVU said...

Hello Cy Got this one okay good to hear from and I will keep truckin' along Hope all is weel with you Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
Looking forward to these. Pigpen's blues base anchored the band in an interesting place. Thanks!

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