Thursday, March 3, 2011


This one is special to me because it represents that show that put me " on the bus " as they say. It is 1969 in St Louis and the Dead came to town with the Iron Butterfly. I remember that on that night the Grateful Dead opened the show and were absolutely incredible. They came on stage and played. The Iron Butterfly may have been the headliners that night but they took second fiddle to the Dead. It was Feb 6 and I was about to leave for military service on Feb 22. Drafted! Mind you now that the sound quality is fair but we all have those memories that make things like this a moment in time. The First Bear!
The bear photo is a picture of one of the Two Bears outside the Kiel Auditorium and it seemed so fitting to have the artwork reflect the actual surroundings that were a part of the architecture at the venue.

Disc 1

1. //Morning Dew
2. Dark Star%-->
3. St. Stephen-->
4. The Eleven%-->
5. Lovelight

Disc 2

1. Cryptical Envelopment-->
2. The Other One-->
3. Cryptical Envelopment//-->
4. //Feedback-->
5. We Bid You Goodnight


Anonymous said...

hi bill
i remember this from the last blog or two and the hazey sound adds to the ambience of your memories aka dejavu
i gave yesterday's posting a blast in the car and i could swear that the dolphins were perking themselves up in the moray waters trying to get in on the act of pigpenning it with me
all is well here in pck and i type this from bck library....i've been doing a ton of research and all the dejavu's have helped bring alive pck's old timers who once upon a while walked and talked among us
sad to read leonard's news
thanks again
cy from pck

roger said...

thanx my friend for sharing your first show, cant wait to hear it, im right at home when i come to 24hrdejavu, saw the dead with the who for two days in oakland in 76, sat. the who opened for the dead and sun. the dead opened for the who, any way you cut it, the dead left the who way behind, they went places that very few bands have ever ventured, we miss jerry always, love and peace from roger@solarmusic.

24HRDEJAVU said...

Thanks Guys for your feedback The Kiel Auditorium was an absolutely horrid venue for music Huge place and hollow Right next door to it was a beautiful Opera house built for sound Had they played there this one would sound better but still a treasure for me

john said...

I remember my first Grateful dead show, I think it was late 1966 or early 1967. Those memory brain cells are long gone, but I'll never forget the goosebumps I got in the middle of Viola Lee Blues. By the way they played with the Jefferson Airplane and the Canned Heat in A small room at the Ambassador Hotel. Thanks for the post.

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