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The LP from the Dead's 72 European tour was simply called" Europe 72". The original title of the release was to be called" Over There" if my old memory serves me correctly but it was changed to the 72 moniker. I took the liberty of creating a cover for this one after running across this propaganda ad for WWII. You all should know how I like to tinker with graphics. The recordings were labeled as Outtakes fromthe Dead's Frankurt gig.
I am going to accept that and give you a set from that one that was called "Hundred Year Hall Outtakes"

Here is a little history about Europe 72 from Wiki....

This was the third live double or triple album in the Dead's past five releases, revealing how the group's reputation rested on their live performances. Indeed, the liner notes simply stated: "There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert." The album contained considerable new material in addition to versions of tracks found on previous studio albums.
The tour represented by this album was Ron "Pigpen" McKernan's last with the Dead before he died in 1973, and the last album he would feature on as an active member. It was the first album to feature Keith Godchaux and his wife Donna Jean Godchaux.

Europe '72's packaging was designed by Alton Kelly and Stanley Mouse under their Kelly/Mouse Studios name (they also did other Dead albums) and set against mostly white, empty foldouts. The front cover shows a large Truckin' boot crossing the Atlantic, while the back cover depicts the corresponding Truckin' fool smashing an ice cream cone against his forehead. (Some of the ice cream flying through the air spells out the word "LIVE".) The ice cream to the forehead happened while Kelley was in New Haven. Kelley, Bill Brockett, Franz Douskey and Bill Ness used to hang out together. One night, after buying ice cream at Clark's Dairy, on Whitney Avenue, Bill Brockett took his cone and smashed it on his forehead. The image stuck and Kelley used the image on the Live album. The inside cover credits are in a reserved type font, but do not forget to list "Family", including Mountain Girl. The included color booklet contains photos of European sites and the concerts, a quote from Revelation, and a long account of how the tour split into two factions, the Bozos and the Bolos, with references to St. Dilbert and the Feast of Fools.

Recorded Live At Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, West Germany, 26th April 1972

Mr. Charlie
He’s Gone
Black Throated Wind
Chinatown Shuffle
Beat It On Down The Line
You Win Again
Good Lovin’
Dire Wolf
Casey Jones
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Greatest Story Ever Told
Two Souls In Communion

Jerry Garcia - lead guitar and vocals
Bob Weir -rhythm guitar and vocals
Phil Lesh - bass and vocals
Ron (Pigpen) McKernan - organ, harmonica and vocals
Keith Godchaux - piano
Bill Kreutzman - drums
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals


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I started in Munich, but will get to Frankfurt later in the day (and I heard them in London!). Great music. Many thanks for this, Quicksilver and the others too.

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