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Munich 1972
Live at the Kongressaal Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany, May 18, 1972. Very good soundboard.

For those who want some details, this is what Cliff Hucker posted at

Another very strong performance, if somewhat less spectacular (with the exception of Morning Dew). Recent upgrades in sound quality have made this show more enjoyable. It’s consistently well played. Stand outs include what might be the best ever performance of It Hurts Me Too and, of course, the superb performance of Dark Star> Morning Dew, the first time that this combination was played together.

The 26-minute Dark Star is superb. It’s not as beautiful as the performance of the song at Wembley, or as jazzy as the Rotterdam version. Nor is it as cohesive as the rendition in Copenhagen. Still, it is an excellent and up beat performance of the song that carries its momentum entirely through its duration. The intro theme jam is gorgeous. Following a brief bass solo, there is a lovely duet between Garcia and Weir starting at 7:00 that turns nice and jazzy before soaring back into the pre-verse theme. A second bass solo follows the verse and things get atonal for a while, building in intensity before the first ever segue from Dark Star into Morning Dew.

This performance of Morning Dew is unique and extraordinarily beautiful. Although the rendition on 5/23 [The Strand Lyceum, London] seems to garner more accolades, this one is just a bit better in my opinion. Jerry’s voice is strong and his interpretation here is highly emotive. He really slows it down and turns reflective prior to the refrain.

One of the elements that sets the music of the European tour apart is the dynamics of having two keyboard payers. Nowhere is this more apparent than during this gorgeous performance of Morning Dew. Pigpen’s swirling organ fills really seem to complement Keith’s [Godchaux] piano work on the beautiful quiet parts. It’s one of the high points of the tour. An interestingly placed drum break follows Morning Dew before the band launches into a great Sugar Magnolia.

Disc 1/Set 1
101. Truckin’
102. Sugaree
103. Mr. Charlie
104. Jack Straw
105. Tennessee Jed
106. Chinatown Shuffle
107. Black Throated Wind
108. China Cat Sunflower
109. I Know You Rider
110. El Paso
111. It Hurts Me Too
112. You Win Again

Disc 2
201. Playing In The Band
202. Good Lovin’
203. Casey Jones

Set 2:
204. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
205. Me And My Uncle
206. Ramble On Rose
207. Beat It On Down The Line

Disc 3
301. Dark Star
302. Morning Dew
303. Drums
304. Sugar Magnolia
305. Sing Me Back Home
306. One More Saturday Night

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Playing this as I write, sounds good (very good), I never tire of GD, so many thanks for this.

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