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STARDATE 12-23-2012

A Starquake is an astrophysical phenomenon that occurs when the crust of a neutron star undergoes a sudden adjustment, analogous to an earthquake on Earth. This is thought to be the source of the giant gamma ray flares that are produced approximately once per decade from soft gamma repeaters. Starquakes are thought to be caused by huge stresses exerted on the surface of the neutron star produced by twists in the ultra-strong interior magnetic fields.

The largest recorded starquake occurred on the ultracompact stellar corpse (magnetar) SGR 1806-20. It released gamma rays equivalent to 1036 kW in intensity. This starquake occurred 50,000 light years away; had it occurred within ten light years of Earth, it could have potentially caused a mass extinction.

(The "unfinished Album Studio Sessions")

This is a collection of songs which (if the Deadhead's Taping Compendium is to be believed) were to have formedthe basis for the first GD studio album of the 1990's. The material appears to be a mix of live SBD recordings (possiblywith some minor overdubs) and rehearsals; its doubtful if any of this represents actual studio recordings aimed at an album release.

This came into circulation in mid-1997: several sources (including the Compendium) indicate that this was intentionally put together - possibly by John Cutler and Phil Lesh - and seeded to trading circles to counteract several "last GD album"bootlegs that had been produced in 1995/1996 (all sourced from 1990 thru 1995 SBD or AUD recordings.

From Rolling Stone, Apr 20, 1998

Although it's common knowledge that the Grateful Dead were in the midst of recording when Jerry Garcia died almost threeyears ago, former keyboardist Vince Welnick shed more light on the unfinished album in a recent conversation with the Rolling Stone Network.

According to Welnick, the album was set to include such tour-tested songs as "Liberty," "So Many Roads," "Days Between,""Samba in the Rain," "Way To Go," "Corrina," and "Easy Answers," but Garcia passed away before the tracks could be completed. "We had just about finished the basics when Jerry checked out," Welnick said. "It's a shame, because we spent
a lot of time in there."

Although the studio tapes from the Grateful Dead's would-be swan song are still around, Welnick doubts that the album can be salvaged. "There weren't even working vocals on some of the songs. There was also very little guitar. If they wanted to make
something of it, they'd probably have to splice in something from one of the show tapes."

Grateful Dead spokesman Dennis McNally denied that anything will ever come of the album.
"Only Bob [Weir] ever thought that anything could be done, but it can't. Jerry didn't contribute to it. Everyone else contributed to it, but Jerry just wasn't with it. There's not even a title, to my knowledge."


SO...... here is STARQUAKE A combination of the unfinished LP sessions and the CD bootleg that circulates as "Earthquake Country" I added two tracks from the CD as bonus tracks while leaving the other sessions intact. Welnick in his interview stated the works had no title so my combination of the works I have called STARQUAKE
In OMO that sounds so much better than the moniker Earthquake Country

The track listing is:

From the Unfinished LP sessions

1. Lazy River Road (Garcia/Hunter) 6:01
2. Easy Answers (Hunter.Bralove/Weir/Welnick/Wasserman) 6:23
3. So Many Roads (Garcia/Hunter) 5:19
4. Wave To The Wind (Lesh/Hunter) 7:22
5. Eternity (Weir/Dixon) 7:20
6. The Days Between (Garcia/Hunter) 9:56
7. Way To Go Home (Welnick/Hunter/Bralove) 7:05
8. Corinna (Weir/Hart/Hunter) 9:33
9. Liberty (Garcia/Hunter) 6:00

* Bonus Tracks ( from the circulating bootleg LP )
10. If The Shoe Fits 7:14
11. Corinna>Days Between 22:12


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great, or should i say qwate... sound is slightly muddled, but good enough for scavengers like me! Thanxxxxxxxxxx

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looks very interesting! Where is the download-button?
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I may put this one back up sometime this month

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Looks great, thank you soooo much for this, Pigpen and the other Dead related shows. Lots of stuff I've never seen.

Bob W.

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