Sunday, December 15, 2013


Considered by most (including Jerry) to be the center of the early band. Pig's attention to the blues gave the Dead a perspective and starting point in their early years. Ron would not partake of drugs but had a absolute addiction to alcohol which lead to his death early in life at the age of 27. He passed from liver cancer and as his gravestone reads he will always be one of the Grateful Dead. He was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame as a member of the band. Here is a comp of Pigpen's performances with the band

set one

01  good morning little school girl   5-14-70
02  operator  9-18-70
03  easy wind  9-20-70
04  the midnight hour  2-14-68
05  it's a man's world  4-20-70
06  empty pages  8-26-71
07  alligator  1-22-68 

set two

01  she's mine  5-15-70
02  katie mae  5-15-70
03  hard to handle  4-21-71
04  good lovin'  4-17-71
05  the rub  4-5-71
06  i'm a hog for you baby  4-6-71
07  big boss man  7-16-66
08  king bee  2-24-71
09  pain in my heart  7-16-66
10  the rub(acoustic)  11-6-70

set three

01  turn on your lovelight  9-19-70
02  mr charlie  12-6-71
03  chinatown shuffle  5-13-72
04  it hurts me too  5-11-72
05  two souls in communion  3-23-72
06  good lovin'  unknown dates.......
07  caution(do not step on the tracks)
08  good lovin'
09  big boy pete
10  searchin'


john said...

I was a young whippersnapper when I saw Pigpen with the Dead, and he looked kind of scary to me. Little did I know he would be one of my favorites. Thanks very much for taking the time to share this and the others. Best of luck in the New Year to a blog that was great and still is. Your dedication to sharing good music is much appreciated.

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