Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is Spooky Tooth at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland OH from 1974. Probably an FM broadcast, but no specific info was provided in the info file. This the final incarnation of the band with only Gary Wright as an original member. Mike Patto takes over the vocals from Harrison and really does a pretty fair job overall. This line made one LP entitleD "The Mirror" and leans to a more pop sound. Still a pretty good LP. It still isn't the Spooky that we all knew and they would disband after this. Wright would move on to a successful solo career at that point and guitarist Mick Jones would help form Foreigner.

Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, OH

1 Waiting For The Wind
2 Cotton Growing Man
3 Old As I Was Born
4 The Mirror
5 Fantasy Satisfier
6 I Am The Walrus
7 Evil Woman

Mike Patto--Vocals & Keyboard
Gary Wright--Vocals & Keyboard
Mick Jones--Guitar
Val Burke--Bass
Bryson Graham--Drums


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