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In 1967, four young musicians from Nottinghamshire, England, Leo Lyons, Ric Lee, Chick Churchill together with Alvin Lee, formed Ten Years After and became one of the biggest names and the most explosive quartets on the world stage.

Their now legendary encore, "I'm Going Home" performed at The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in August 1969, was captured on film and exposed their jazz, blues, rock amalgam to a large audience of movie-goers who were blown away by the intensity of the band's performance when the Academy Award winning documentary was released in 1970. Their ten-minute appearance in the film is an acknowledged highlight and established Ten Years After a place in the rock history.

From 1968 to 1975 constant touring, playing important musical events like The Newport Jazz Festival, The Miami Pop Festival, The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, The Toronto Peace Festival and huge venues like The Royal Albert Hall in London, Madison Square Garden in New York and The Budokan Theatre in Tokyo, exposed the band's music to a Global Audience. It is estimated that they performed to in excess of 75,000 new fans a week. Almost four million people a year, not counting those who saw the band in the "Woodstock" film. Between 1967 and 1974,Ten Years After recorded and released ten multimillion selling albums. The band's albums are still available and all have Gold or Platinum status.

This is Ten Years After's first performance at The Fillmore Auditorium, recorded during their first American tour.

Location: Fillmore West, San Francisco, California
Date: 6-28-1968
Quality: Soundboard, Excellent


01. Help Me
02. Rock Your Mama
03. Spoonful
04. I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always
05. No Title
06. Summertime/Shantung Cabbage
07. Spider In My Web
08. Crossroads
09. Woodchoppers Ball

Alvin Lee: Guitar, Vocals
Chick Churchill - Organ
Leo Lyons - Bass
Ric Lee - Drums


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I saw them a few times during those "peak" years, and they were a great live band. I was also very close to the stage at what became their famous Woodstock performance. First heard them on the then "new" underground FM radio from NYC. Alvin Lee's first few solo albums are very good too including a great doublel Live album.

Anonymous said...

Has this been re-upped by anyone yet?

Alan said...

This Ten Years After show looks fabulous. I would ask that it please be re-posted. I was lucky enough to see TYA several times at the Fillmore East prior to their commercial breakout at Woodstock, Truly amazing music. So this 1968 SBD would be a real treasure to hear. Please bring it back!

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Alan I will try to get around to reposting this one after my Grape run is done

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Alan The links for 10 Years After and Sea Train should be up by this Sunday or so

24HOURDEJAVU said...

The ten Years After and Sea Train Fillmore Shows have been re-upped

Alan said...

I can't Thank You enough for re-posting these two shows. I'm really looking forward to giving them a listen today. Or maybe I'll save them for Tuesday when I'm driving to see The Who in Denver. Either way I'm just so pleased to have found this wonderful blog!

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