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Here is another Sir Douglas offering from the Scandinavian years. The band was immensely popular during their time in the countries of Scandinavia having many hit records on those countries charts. Doug would eventually drift back to Texas where obviously his true loyalty would lay. He would remain legendary in his output overseas and hopefully you were able to enjoy some of his music with the offerings of some of his obscure European Lps on the Sonet label
Dougs latter years would be as a mentor to the younger Texas crowd as well as the catalyst of the Texas Tornados were he would receive his most prominent success and respect among many. I have always been a huge fan of Doug in whatever mode he was in and I hope you have enjoyed this part of Texasmusical history With this one I will move on to one last stop here in Texas and then on to another musical mecca in the south and take a small jog in to the the great state of Americana.

Zurich ,Switzerland

May 24, 1983
FM concert broadcast from the very next day, May 25, 1983


Douglas Wayne "Doug" Sahm - vocals, guitar, fiddle on track 2-01/02/03
Bobby Black - pedal steel guitar
Jon Blondell - bass
Louis "Louie" Ortega - guitar, vocals, lead vocals on track 1-18 and 2-04
Douglas "Cosmo" Clifford - drums, percussion
August "Augie" Meyers - keyboards, accordion, vocals

THE MUSIC - Set One:

1-01. DRS Radio DJs Intro -> Wasted Days And Wasted Nights $ 3:31.03
1-02. Sheila Tequila 2:49.53
1-03. -> It Was Fun While It Lasted 3:02.64
1-04. Cowboy Peyton Place 3:57.47
1-05. Mendocino 4:43.18
1-06. ...introducing Augie Meyers... 1:00.47
1-07. Down In The Heart Of Mexico 3:08.21
1-08. Who Were You Thinkin' Of (When We Were Making Love Last Night)? % 2:45.53
1-09. Sugar Bee 2:57.30
1-10. ...introducing Doug Clifford... 0:46.09
1-11. Green River 4:36.33
1-12. Folsom Prison Blues 4:05.57
1-13. Papa Ain't Salty No More § 5:21.38
1-14. ...what happened to us at the Swiss border... 1:10.64
1-15. At the Crossroads 5:19.13
1-16. Nuevo Laredo 2:42.04
1-17. ...introducing Louie Ortega... 0:33.08
1-18. I Know You Know # 2:50.07
1-19. She's About A Mover 5:33.66
1-20. introduction... 2:20.40
1-21. -> Meet Me In Stockholm 3:40.60
1-22. -> Adios Mexico 2:46.23

CD 2

THE MUSIC - Set Two (43:03.73):

2-01. Dynamite Woman & 4:10.32
2-02. Cotton-Eyed Joe & 1:26.63
2-03. -> (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone & 3:27.55

encore 1:
2-04. Little Georgie Baker # § 3:53.04
2-05. -> This Time (We're Really Breaking Up) 3:39.22
2-06. Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad) 6:31.17
2-07. -> 96 Tears * 3:15.03
2-08. Be Real 2:52.01
2-09. -> Texas Tornado 3:34.53
2-10. Groover's Paradise 3:57.00
2-11. ...applause/crowd freaked out completely... 1:05.39

encore 2:
2-12. The Last Time 4:21.50
2-13. DRS Radio DJs Outro... 0:49.34


Anonymous said...

Whoopie! Another Sir Doug show....... Many thanx, as always!

Anonymous said...

I always thought that Canned Heat was the best music for a Bar B Q but perhaps I'm wrong. I'm thinking now it's Doug Sahm & The SDQ.

I was lucky enough to see The Texas Tornados at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino followed the next night by Los Lobos. Two good shows at 5 dollars each. Good times those were.

Thanks for sharing the music,

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to republish the link ?
I like your other posts about SDQ a lot.
Thanks a lot.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

the link should be restored now

Anonymous said...

can't find the link, sorry :)

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I have reinstated a download image for this post

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