Monday, July 4, 2011


Back again with more Doug and his friends. Had a couple of inquiries for some live Sir Douglas.
Here's a small show from the city of Brotherly Love in 1969 Thought it was fitting to post this one on the 4th of July with the Liberty Bell and all that hoopla. Doug and Augie were friends from childhood and spent their musical lives together in the many different phases of the Sir Douglas saga. Guess I will spend a little more time here in Texas seein' as I have a few more bars to hit here.

Sir Douglas Quintet 1969-08-22
Philly Folk Fest

Miller's Cave
I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
In the Jailhouse Now
Philadelphia Lawyer (Reno Blues)
She's About A Mover
Stage Announcements

Harvey Kagan - Bass
Frank Morin - Percussion
Augie Meyers - Organ
John Perez - Drums
Doug Sahm - Guitar, Vocals, Fiddle


Anonymous said...

hi from Cy
wow, Doug Sahm's, "Starry Eyes" came through to me....thanks so much for posting dad died in Sept 2003.....10 years or so before he gave me a cassette with starry eyes on it...the tape got lost...and today 24HrDeJaVu...truly put me back in touch with dad.....he came on through to me via dejavu and thankyou Bill in all you do.....
God Bless
ps there's a fair bit of Augie Myers out there that is hard to find.....

Anonymous said...

This has been a really interesting ride through the lesser known (to me anyway) output of Doug, Augie and Co. Many thanks as always.
I like the Texas series so would be glad to get any more obscurities from Austin and beyond.

iggy said...

Thanks so much for these. Can't ever get too much of Doug. BTW, I think that "Rough Edges" and "Sausalito" are the same download. All the best,


24HOURDEJAVU said...

I think I got the mixed links straight now Please let me know

LakerCrazy said...

Thanks Bill, appreciate you taking the time to re-do the link. Very gracious of you.

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