Saturday, December 31, 2011


Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
may 16, 1970.

01 Intro
02 Sweet Stella Baby
03 1984
04 Title Unknown
05 Jealous Spirit
06 All the Same
07 Fresh Garbage
08 It Shall Be
09 Nothing to Hide
10 Mr. Skin
11 Smoke Break "OK Who's Got a Joint?"
12 Animal Zoo
13 Aren't You Glad
14 Drum Solo
15 Mechanical World
16 I've Got a Line On You
17 Dark Eyed Woman
18 Uncle Jack
19 Natures Way
20 I'm Trucking
21 So Little Time To Fly
22 Title Unknown
23 Ice
24 Animal Zoo
25 Morning Will Come
26 Ground Hog Day
27 Title Unknown
28 Shot Gun
29 Hambone Time


Anonymous said...

Any idea if this the original lineup or the Staley Bros lineup?

24HRDEJAVU said...

Based on what info that I have managed to read this particular bootlegs seems to be the original band especially based on the song selections. I kind of take bootlegs as working on the Forrest Gump principal of " Life is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you are going to get" I have found that while bootlegs are a great source of music for some of my favorite musicians sometimes the facts of each show or material is often just a tad bit off. But who cares it's still good stuff

Anonymous said...

The Staehely Brothers played with Spirit during Randy's absence. If Randy is singing the Brothers aren't there. The Feedback album was recorded at the end of 1971 with a tour in 1972. Sometime in 1973 the Staehely Bros. released a solo album so must have left Spirit by then. I have never heard a live show with the Feedback line up but would really like to if one is out there. I saw Spirit a few times probably after 1977 when I stopped keeping track of these things and trusted in memory. Warning: Children, DO NOT Trust In Memory! Anyway- every time I saw them they put on a great show and seemed to enjoy it as much as the audience. Thanks Bill for these shows. If you can find any from 1972 I'd like to hear them.


Atmospheric said...

My second concert ever was the Stahley Bros Spirit playing in support of It's A Beautiful Day (also Elvin Bishop and Boones Farm - who does 4 act concerts anymore?). Yup, this boot is the original lineup. I've never heard a show this close to the 12 Dreams era. It's a real treat. RC and JL, I miss you guys. RIP. Thanks also to Bill. I dig your hang.

Anonymous said...

Al Staehely later played bass in the Gravenites/Cipollina Band.

Rochacrimson said...

Please new links!!!
Thank you :)

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